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Logo Design

Logo Design is a major part of branding and plays a key role in creating an identity for your company. The purpose of a logo is to do much more than just sit there and look nice. It projects your company's image to the world and helps put your message forward.

In order to do exactly that, we focus on understanding your business objectives since it lets us tailor our designs to meet your unique businesses needs. Every business in the world wants to stands out and portray a unique image, which is why we do not believe in providing pre-designed templates unlike many design firms.

When a user visits a web site(or any medium for that matter) in which a logo is displayed, the first thing to make an impact on them should be the logo. User behaviour studies have revealed that the first place we look at, is the upper left hand corner of a web page. Thus for a logo to be effective, it has to "brand" an image onto the visitor's mind in order to have a lasting impact.

In order to do the above, we ask our clients for some basic information such as:

  • Please describe your services and products
  • Target Audience(with age group)
  • Preferred color schemes (we will provide a color chart)
  • Tagline
  • References as examples(if any)
  • Additional information(if any)
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