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We strongly believe in and advocate some of the practices that we have borrowed from the agile methods of development:

User involvement over User definition
We actively engage the client and keep them abreast with each stage of development and progress. As experience has taught us that most of us achieve much more clarity and insight into our work only after we begin with it. Hence it is too superfluous to believe that a project definition can be completely frozen before it has even begun. Hence the project is free to evolve at each stage and that is only possible with complete client involvement.

Discussion over Submission
We strongly believe in creating value for our clients. One of the ways we make this possible is by engaging our clients in meaningful discussions and allowing them to leverage our creative team's vast experience in content design and development. The practice of mute submission and which may result in the suffrage of our valued clients is absolutely abhorred.

Proactive over Reactive
We strongly advocate and practice proactive design and development cycles as we have learnt that the cost and results of reactive processes is far higher and hardly satisfying. We are proactive from the word go, be it proposing a design, planning, developing or maintaining it.

Simplicity over Complexity
We believe that simplicity in design is akin to divinity in creation. Hence be it creative design or business logic, we are sticklers of simplicity. Simple design has manifold benefits, some of which are scalability, modularity and maintainability.

Joint ownership over Distributed ownership
Best practices and methods are jointly owned and easily accessible to all in the organisation, hence resulting in a homogeneous environment of excellence instead of spikes of performance intermingled with troughs of creativity. This practice of joint ownership enables us to deliver top notch quality at breath-taking speeds.
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